Asset Recovery Services

Eagle Capital's Investment Recovery Division buys excess inventory and idle capital equipment from all business sectors.  Having years of specialized experience in the supply of equipment and services to Fortune 500 company data centers, Eagle recognizes the need to offer superior asset recovery services that provide a complete solution for our clients.

Eagle Capital enjoys the prospect of steady growth as Fortune 1000 companies return to the sound business practices of seeking quality outsourced services for repair and maintenance of existing hardware, better returns on idle equipment and inventories, along with high accountability of consignment and auction sales.

With the combined management experience of Eagle's team, investment recovery services are offered with low cost infrastructure and fast turn-around times, enabling Eagle to pay out higher returns to our customers. Our clients enjoy a custom-fit model for their needs, be it a purchase, consignment sale, or supply of quality services to provide a turnkey solution to fit any company's external model.

Eagle Capital Corp. offers the following asset recovery services:

  • Direct Purchasing
  • Online Auctioning
  • Consignment Sales
  • Screening and Redeployment
  • Repair Services
  • Supply Chain Management and Tracking
  • Destruction of Proprietary Products
  • Proper Disposal of Scrap Materials
  • Quality Business Practices

Eagle Capital offers full service options for companies:

Investment Recovery services include auction and secondary market sales models. Our business model incorporates purchasing and consignment sales with custom fit levels of service. Goods can be purchased directly and transported to our locations for sorting, counting, testing and redeployment to the customer and/or sold to secondary market or scrap processing. Additionally, we can often give our customers a better return by selling on a consignment agreement; thereby, reducing our cash outlay and direct costs of transportation and storage by selling products from our client's site and sharing the revenue.

Secondary Markets
Wholesale and retail markets have been developed to assure that our clients get the broadest exposure and opportunities to market their items. The secondary technology markets supply all types of idle assets and inventories, offering low cost solutions to end users who seek high quality unused, refurbished, or used equipment and components, while still maintaining high returns to our clients.

Eagle Capital's experienced management taps the best market prices from this vast sea of buyers.

Refurbishment and Redeployment
Working internally and with our channel partners, Eagle Capital can supply turnkey repair and outsource supply chain solutions as our outsource model for Contract Manufacturers (CM's) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's). This is done by providing low cost repair, replacement, and inventory of critical enterprise equipment- including high end and midrange servers, workstations and storage products, spare parts, and related peripherals.

Online Auction Sales

By tapping into one of the largest global marketplaces, Eagle is able to get the best price from end users for certain items our clients may wish to sell at online auction. Eagle Capital has a division dedicated to creating and tracking high-traffic eBay auction listings. We handle everything from the inventory tracking down to the physical shipping of the product. Our clients can assume as much control as they like, or simply leave each and every detail to Eagle's highly experienced onlne sales team. Eagle is a member of eBay's Trading Assistants program.


Some factors to consider about Eagle Capital Corp.:

  • Decades of combined experience
  • Thousands of proven contacts in the secondary markets
  • Existing resources currently in place
  • Channel relationships already established
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